Friday, December 26, 2014

So You're Coming To The UAE....

   On Christmas Day Ethihad had the wickedest deal ever. Some people got flights out of the USA for as low as 200$ round trip, mistake or not there will be a lot of visitors to the UAE in the next year. My blog alone tripled on hits yesterday (thank you!).  Here is a mini list of what you should see and do while you are here .

Abu Dhabi:

- Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque-- if you can only see one thing in Abu Dhabi go to the  grand mosque. It is the third largest mosque in the world and leaves me in awe each time I see it. Entry is free and ladies, you will be given an abaya (robe with hood) to wear as you walk around. The mosque is closed to the public on Fridays.

-Emirates Palace-- located near the cornice this is also a hotel, you can come hear and have high tea. Reservations need to be made and you can have high tea daily from 2-6 pm. You must enjoy the cappuccino with the gold flakes which is their signature drink. The cost is about 75$ for two people.

-Saddyat Beach--in my opinion the best beach in the UAE. Clean with beautiful sand and water. 70 AED (about 20$) for an umbrella and a chair on the weekends (Friday and Saturday), less during the week. 

--A walk on the corniche. Take in the sunset. 

--Yas Island--I have only been to a club and a concert on the island but a visit is a must. 

This is just a mini list of my must dos in Abu Dhabi.


-Dubai Mall-- the largest mall in the world, check out the skating rink, largest indoor aquarium, fountain show (every night from 6 or 8 pm, every half an hour). Movie theatre with bed like seats. 

-Burj Khalifa-- the tallest building in the world. Book your tickets online, they are cheaper. Sunset fills up fast. You get a glimpse of the world from the 124th floor.  It is a bit expensive but worth the trip up. About 45$. If heights are not your thing, you can take a picture from the ground with the Burj in the background from various spots (hit: get an outdoor seat at IHOP near the Dubai waterfall for a great view)

-Desert Safari-- book on either a or both are reliable and cheap (about 30$ per person) and you get to go dune bashing, ride a camel (depending which safari you get), a buffet dinner and belly dancing.

-Mall of the Emirates-- you can snap a pic In front of Ski Dubai. Or experience this indoor ski hill for yourself.

-check out the only 7 star hotel in the worldBurj Al Arab aka the sail boat hotel. If you are Puff Daddy, stay here a night for 1500$ a night.

-Friday brunch--if you love to have a good time and want an absolutely memorable experience and don't mind dropping 150$ for an AMAZING all you eat and drink brunch, check out Saffron at Atlantis. If not just go check the hotel anyway, located in the man made palm islands.

-If clubbing is your thing, check out Barastri, a club on the beach. In the Dubai Marina area.

There is tons more, but this is my MUST DO list and anyone that visits, I try to do as many of these things are possible. You can take a bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and vise versa for 20$ US and they are clean and safe. The drive takes about 2 hours. You can also take a taxi for about 100$ if you are 4 people the price isn't too bad and it will take you a little less time. I hope that helps. If you have any questions, drop them below.

Happy travels! 


  1. I didn't snag the AUH deal (as I hope to be living there by this August) but I DID snag a GREAT deal from NYC to Johannesburg!

    I recall you telling us about your layover tour of Paris on your way to AUH as a hopeful. Would you mind sharing how you made it to the tower and the river cruise on your stop? I will have a few hours to spare but I don't arrive in Paris until 2pm. Would appreciate any insight you can provide! :-)

    1. Lucky you getting a deal to Johannesburg! South Africa is definitely on my travel bucket list.
      I took the train/metro to the Eiffel Tower, the thing is a speak French so I didn't have too much trouble getting around. There is a place that you can check anything you don't want to take with you for a few hours and then you can ask one of the info booths how to get to the tower (they speak English). Once at the tower the river cruises are across the street.

      Good luck!

  2. I have just found a read your blog from beginning to end! I am so excited to begin my journey and you have really helped me to feel more comfortable with the whole thing.
    I am surprised how far your residence is from your school. Could you live closer?
    Did you have a choice of switching schools or grades your second year or does everyone stay at the same one?
    I am a single mom that is coming next summer with 1 teenager. Do you know if teachers with kids get placed in a certain location? We were told at our IPI that the furthest location usually just has singles.
    Do you know any teachers from Teach Away?
    Thanks for all your help!

  3. First of all, thank you for reading. Secondly, I cannot live closer because you are given your school first and then you are given your apartment. I am driven to and from school everyday AND given a remote allowance because my school is far, which is more than most people can ask for.
    Switching schools is a possibility after your second year, but I am all about the devil I know. There was a girl at my school that switches after her third year and she wishes she hadn't.
    Your location is totally random, so be prepared to be placed anywhere.

    Once you are here all companies are the same Teach Away, Teachanywhere, Footprints.

    Good Luck!

  4. Hi there,

    A friend of mine just told me about your blog and I must it's great. I was actually one of the lucky ones to snag the Etihad glitch deal (Yay). I travel very often and having the opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai for dirt cheap is a PLUS. Your list of things to do and see is pretty much similar to what I compiled with the exception of Friday brunch (thanks for that). I did some research on how women dress out there, but wanted to get your opinion. Myself and two girlfriends will be traveling there Mid September what is appropriate? Please advise and thanks for this post. I too intend on writing about this experience. I have a blog as well that documents my travels around the world as well as hidden gems in my hometown of New York City. I have to admit that it needs to be updated. With so much traveling it's hard to keep my posts updated. God bless.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you so much for reading. Mid September is going to be pretty hot (90s). To be honest you can where whatever you would were at home with the exception of maybe short shorts in the mall. Bring a sweater or cardigan for when you are inside because it is heavily air conditioned. If you plan to go out to a club, you can wear whatever you would wear to a club at home.

      Let me know when you come!


  5. this is how I rediscovered your blog. Googled black girl dubai after getting those tickets. I'll be going in August and am anxiously awaiting.

    I've read all of your blog today and just want you to keep realizing how blessed you are. I know the politics of these contract type teaching places but 10g in loans in 10 months and visiting places many will only think of, blessed indeed.

  6. Hello!!! I am new to this but I just stumbled across the blog and I am truly excited I found it. I am interviewing to teach in Abu Dhabi and I would like to know more about the classroom environment and resources available. I am currently a science teacher and I see you teach science. Any insight would be great! Feel free to email me