Friday, April 4, 2014

I Am The Master Of My Ship

     Let us be honest. Real honest. Super honest. The type of honest that can sometimes be scary when you say it out loud. You can only depend on yourself. There I said it. At the end of the day you control your life. You can try to blame your parents, or your job or even your friends. But you are just fooling yourself. You control your life. If you don't like the way you look, get up and work out. If your not having fun at a party, get on the dance floor and dance or go talk to that hot someone at the bar. You can't blame others for what is going on in your life. You are he ultimate master of your destiny.
    I was upset the other day because I stayed at home and did nothing. No one called me. No one sent me a text. No emails, no nothing. I felt like no one gave a sh*t. Then I realized. I can't rely on other to make my vacation fun. I have to do that. I am a grown woman. I have a car. I have money. What is stoping me from doing what I want? Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.
   This morning I said to myself that I am NOT spending another day at home watching countless hours of Netflix (side note: American Horror Story is the bomb dot com). I got up, got dressed and drove an hour and a bit to Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world.  Yes, I can do that as a day trip.  I walked around looking at stuff I could never afford ( I am looking at you sexy a$$ Chanel bag) and did a little shopping. I ate some sushi, because that is what I wanted to do:
Bought some clothes I didn't need.

Bought a high waisted bikini because I have always wanted one and found one that fits.

I then went to Global Village all by myself. Yes, all by myself. Cause let us be honest (that is the theme today) if you can't spend time with yourself, how can you expect others to spend time with you. How can someone else tolerate you if you can't tolerate yourself? 

Tomorrow I will go to the beach because that is what my heart desires. I will wear my new bathing suit and of someone has an issue they can look away and the size 2 girl over there.

     I am not a fan of complainers.  You will never here me complain about my body because a) it is mine, and once again if I cannot love it how can I expect someone else to b) I know I have things to work on and I am working in them. Point finale. I hate being around chronic complainers. They kill the mood, damper the situation and are just no plain fun. 

    People that know me always say one thing about me: I always look on the bright side, cause there is always a bright side. The light may be dim and faded, but there is always light. Find it. It is so easy to complain and b*tch about life. I'm  fat, I'm broke, I'm single, I'm (fill in the blank) but no one wants to hear that. Negative thoughts only spawn more negative thoughts and eventually they get out of control. Please try not to fed them.   I am not perfect and at times complain too, but then I remember that complaining is not going to solve anything. If you are not partner the solution you are part of the problem. 

   This is my vacation and I cannot blame my one but myself if it sucks, so I am about to make the best of the situation, after all I am in the UAE right? There could be worse things ;)


  1. Exploring is great when done on your own! It really becomes enjoyable when you get in the grove. You learn to appreciate the moments of solitude, connecting to the environment and finding joy in observing your surroundings at your own pace

  2. Yes, yes, yes to this entire post. I always say if you don't enjoy your own company then who will??? Way to go Miss H.


  3. Yesssssss!!! I love your honesty.