Monday, April 7, 2014

What To Pack, What to Leave

     Some of you are probably at home with the huge task of moving over here. What should I bring? What should I leave? Well have no fear Miss Haneefa is here! I will try to help out and suggest some things you should bring:

-Hair products: bring them! If you have a special cream or shampoo that you love bring a few bottles. It is hard to find black hair products here, especially if you have a specific brand you like. I also find it expensive to have things mailed so you better just bring them. 

-Weave hair: I don't wear weaves but many of my friends do and they all say that you should bring any weave hair you like from home. You will have no problem finding someone who can sew it in. Also if you like getting twists (ex: Senegalese) bring some twist hair because it is hard to find here and many salons don't carry it. 

- Pharmacy medications: things like cough syrup, cold/ sinus medication, NyQuil, medications for heart burn and upset stomachs, specialty Tylanol like Arthritis Tylanol will be easier had if you bring it from home. If they are mailed from home the post office will open your package and go though and question every piece in your box.

-Mouthwash: almost 10$ for a small bottle!! If you are a mouthwash fan bring a few bottles.

-Health products: I am a big fan of echineachia and find that it is not only expensive here but also hard to find it in drop form.

-Tampons: sometimes hard to find. Especially if you like a certain brands

-Condoms #justsaying #noglovenolove

-Everyday Clothes: bring a lot of long skirts and maxi dresses with cardigans. These will serve you well.

-Dress Clothes: BRING these!!! No matter how short/tight/sexy your favorite dress is bring it! You will have opportunities to go out (especially in Dubai) and you can wear these. I have so many friends that didn't being so many items of clothing because they thought they were too inappropriate for the UAE and wish they had brought them.

-Heels: bring a few of your favorite pairs

-School supplies: since you don't know where you will be placed or what grade you will be teaching you cannot go wrong with bring a huge pack (or three) of whiteboard markers and ticky tack.

I think that is it.

P.s don't worry if you have to bring an extra suitcase. I paid extra to bring an extra bag and it was worth it. 

Happy Packing! 


  1. Thank you! I would never have thought about the feminine products :)

  2. Haneefa you are blessing! Thank you for sharing! I have been so slow to start, because there is so much to do! But thus post is definitely a good start.

  3. Haneefa,
    Can we bring Nyquil and Benedryl in luggage?

    1. Benadryl yes. I am not sure about NyQuil but I am pretty sure you can.