Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This is How Things Happen on Planes

    I have done my share of travelling.  In the last 8 months alone I have been to 8 countries plus the UAE. I have been to many airports and on many planes. I am usually good bout following the rules about what is allowed in the plane. 

     Over Christmas I was in the Cambodian airport and the woman viewing the security TVs tells me I have a liquid in my bag that is more than 100 ml. I tell her politely that that is impossible I have been through TWO airports and no one said anything and I haven't bought anything since. She opens my bag and pulls out my BRAND NEW big bottle of sunscreen. She of course took it away.


How did I go through not one but two airports with a huge bottle of sunscreen undetected...

Fast forward to last weekend when I am flying to Qatar from Dubai. My bag goes through the security check and I am asked to step aside. I worry a little, running the contents of my bag in my head. In my makeup back I had a medium sized pair of scissors. Yes, this is my fault and I should not have placed the scissors in my make up bag to carry on the plane and I apologized for that. The reason I am angry is because two weeks prior, I went to Bahrain WITH THE SAME MAKEUP BAG! I haven't moved anything from the bag in the two weeks I was home. In other words, I went on the plane with a pair of scissors.

This just proves to me that not everyone at the airport is always 100% alert and THIS is how shit happens on planes.

P.s anything specific you would like me to blog about? I will try my best within reason! 


  1. I want you to blog about food: cost, grocery shopping, restaurants, interesting dishes you have tried, etc.

  2. Haneefa is like a genie in a bottle! Your wish is her command! You are awesome! Please blog about cost of living, saving possibilities and of course how you incorporate traveling into this equation! Keep doing an amazing job hon!

  3. The men, men, and more men. Natives, not only the expats. Dating rituals. Thanx!

  4. I am potentially coming to Abu Dhabi... I'd be interested in how you manage your hair? My hair is braided, here, in Japan, but as far as materials go, etc...what do you do? Thanks!