Monday, June 9, 2014

Pink Friday

      Welcome to new readers. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my little corner of the web. Remember I love to read comments, so feel free to drop me a line. 
     Last Friday I went to another party. I know that you think I party every weekend, well I do. The weekdays here are so hard and trying, that on the weekends you just want to let lose and enjoy life.  On top of that we are in the UAE so we as teachers tend to live life to the fullest.  So is the life of a teacher in the UAE. Don't feel too bad for me ;). I honestly live for the weekends. Especially when everyone comes out to the party, it really is a great time. If that is wrong I don't want to be right. 

     Pink Friday was hosted by the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority whose colors are pink and green.

You know I love me some shoes! Got these babies at Steve Madden when they had their buy two get one free sale.

Readers who are getting tired of all the selfies, the x is in the corner. Shukran. 

We have been getting off work super early (woop, woop) so I have been hitting the gym and the pool. Oh and of course watching the new season of Orange is The New Black. I am only watching one episode a day because I want to savor the episodes like a good meal. Because when it is done, it is done for another year or so until Season 3 comes out. 

    The school year is slowly coming to a close, I will have an end of year wrap up so look out for that. 

    My mother sent me this picture yesterday:

Awwwww. Parentals. They look so cute and happy. I miss them so much. I have a great relationship with my parents and I love them to pieces. They are supposed to come and visit in November/December so I am so excited to show them where I live.  When they came to Japan back in 2005 we had a fabulous time. I am sure that we will have a wonderful experience this time around. 

     I also got some fantastic news on Sunday. One of my best friends from home will be coming at the end of August for 8 days. I cannot wait. There is something about your friends from home coming over and getting a taste of what life is like here in the Middle East.  This makes me so happy. I always talk and write about life here, but until you actually come to the UAE and see it for yourself you cannot fully understand what life here is like.

P.s the heat out here is no joke! 

That is 117 F for all my American friends. I don't mind it because coming from a country that experiences -50 C in winter, the get is a welcomed change. What I am still baffled about is not the heat in the day but the fact that it is 40C at 11 pm , how is that even possible!? I guess that is the desert life.


  1. Your parents are absolutely beautiful!! Especially your mom. Love your blog. I'll keep reading. Just moved to Abu Dhabi and love it so far.

  2. What are your summer travel plans? When is school out for you?

    1. We are supposed to finish July 10 but there is a small chance we will finish a week earlier because of Ramadan.
      This summer am trying to head to either Italy or Greece before I head home.