Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Real Talk

  Happy Thursday!  Let the weekend begin (in a few hours at least).  I hope that this post finds everyone well.  I have been dealing with some bs at work and just wanted to tell all the potential teachers coming to be prepared to deal with some issues that you have never dealt with before.  Things are going to happen at you school that are going to make you angry, frustrated and make you question your decision to come here.  I have 5 suggestions on what to do when the caca hits the fan:

  1. Talk to your friends, because they will understand what you are going through.  That is what they are there for.  If they are good friends they will make you laugh and feel better and remind you that you are a great person and not to take the issue seriously.  They will remind you of all the good things that you have going for you and invite you out for a drink to get your mind off of school.  They will come over, even if they are tired because they just did an hour bootcamp class in 40 C heat and they will listen to you bitch and swear and make you feel better. 
  2. Reach out to your old students on Facebook.  I called out to my old students to tell me something good because I was having such a bad day.  They came through (along with some of my old co-workers, friends and high school friends) reminding me why I went into this profession in the first place. They recounted stories of when I taught them, things I said and told me of ways that I helped them, some of which I had no clue.  A few of them almost made me cry with the touching things they said.
  3. Do something fun that you like to do.  If you like to read, buy a new book.  Get a manicure or pedicure if that is your thing. Treat yourself to a nice dinner.
  4. Look at your payslip.  That is why I am here. next month I will be finish paying my student loans!  Yessssssssss!  In what world can you pay 10, 000$ of debt in 10 months, travel and still be fabulous? This one. That is why I put up with what I do.
  5. Look at all the great pics you have taken over the last few months.  Look at all the great places you have been.  Remind yourself that you are strong, you are able to do this.  Summer is around the corner and soon you will be with family and friends that love you so much and you will be able to tell them all the crazy stories from your year in the UAE and you will be a superstar.
  Many people think I am strong, brave and adventurous,.  But like everyone else I have my moments of weakness.  I am human,  I can only take so much.  Yet as Antoine Fisher said in his movie, "I am still standing, I am still strong."


  1. Oh gosh... I hope it all has worked out! Thanks for the heads up! .ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

  2. You have helped so many people with your blog. I hope things get better or at least that the rest of the school year goes quickly.

  3. I have an interview coming up in two weeks for ADEC and I am very nervous and excited. My husband lives in Abu Dhabi now and works there and I am hoping I get this teaching position. We have plans for the future and it requires both of us to work while we are over there. I am glad that you mentioned this because I have been wondering how the day to day work life is with students and coworkers and supervisors. I haven't had a very good past two years of teaching here in Alabama so I can kinda relate. My students were for the most part mean and vindictive (10-11 year olds) to each other and their teachers. They will lie if means maybe their teacher loses his or her job just because they don't like the grade you "gave" them. The parents didn't parent (and this is middle class USA). Instead they wanted to their kids' friend. The school system I worked for cares nothing for its teachers well-being. Going to work everyday has become a very hard task. And the pay is laughable. I say all this to say I am actually looking forward to teaching abroad because at least MAYBE the students will be kinder. Even if they don't feel like learning, or don't value the importance of education, or have a culture unlike my own. I am hoping that they are kinder. Even if the adults aren't. I am hoping that the people I spend most of my days with are kind. And I haven't heard you say anything negative about your students so far. At least not anything about them being mean to you. So I am looking forward to being there. I enjoy your blog. I have been binge reading your blog all day and I really need to stop so I can cook dinner for my kids but it is just really good. Keep up the good work. And you're right. It is worth it.