Friday, July 11, 2014

Black Girl In...

The school year has finished and before I head home for a month, I am heading to Greece. I will be in Athens for four days. Actually, I am here now! 

The view from the plane as we landed:

Athens roadside scenery.

More to come! 


  1. So, now that you've done a year there. Would you consider doing another two years there? In other words, has it grown on you to stay there for a longer period of time than what you would have imagined?

    Have you started dating since your last blog post about men over there?

  2. I'm on year two and I will probably stay another two. The money and the travel are excellent and I am in the process of working on my Masters.

    As for the men, the pickings are slim and the ones that are heard have so many woman to choose from that it sometimes makes for messy situations. That being said, I do know people who have met and are dating some lovely guys. But for me nothing has really presented itself

  3. Thats great to hear. Congrats on your journey thus far. I love reading your blog. It is very inspiring! I feel like we are a lot alike in a lot of ways. Hopefully when I apply next year I will be able to meet you!

  4. Also, if my memory serves me correctly you weren't happy with your living arrangements when you first got there. How is it now?