Monday, July 14, 2014

On A Living Spree

    Have I told you that I love my life. Sometimes I have to stop and take a moment to thank God for how my life has turned out. There are places in the world that I always dreamed about and Greece was one of them. As I head back to Dubai, I still cannot believe I have just spent four days in Greece.

    My friend and I spent our time in Athens. We arrived on Friday evening around 5 pm. We had two other Abu Dhabi friends that were staying in Greece als,o so we got together for dinner.

     My amazing dinner (I also had a lychee mojito, let me rephrase that I had two lychee mojitos, best drink I have had in a long time)  and this spinach and cheese 'pie' pictured above was the appetizer.
   I always ask the waiter for recommendations since I want to eat the best things on the menu. He suggested the grilled chicken with potatoes.


The waiter gave us complimentary shots, (I think he liked us) AND a complimentary dessert.

    Saturday we took a half day tour of Athens that included the Acropolis. 


The view from the top.

    After the Acropolis we walked around a quaint area called Plaka. There were shops, tree lines streets with restaurants and coffee shops. I miss tree lined streets, you can understand that in the deserts of the UAE there aren't many.
     The other thing I am not used to seeing is couples kissing/making out on the streets. I guess this is what they call reverse culture shock. In the UAE there are no public displays of affection allowed. You may see the occasional hand holding but that is it, so you can imagine my surprise when I see couples kissing in public. I kinda missed it. 

   Sunday we did an island hopping tour. We took a ferry and cruised to three islands: Hydra, Poros and Aegean. 

Hydra was my favorite. There are no cars on the island. Only bicycles and donkeys.

The views on the boat were stunning.

This is the next island Poros. 

Finally we went to Agean, we paid for a speed boat trip to another small island to swim.

     Finally today we went to the Manostaraki area and did a bit more shopping.

    All in all I loved Greece and I have to come back to go to Mykonos and Santorini. The trip was short and super sweet.
Next stop home! Tomorrow night! So excited, haven't seen my family and friends in one year.

P.s we finally got out flight allowance (almost three weeks later than planned) let me just say that I am extremely happy with the amount. 


  1. I do agree. Your life is pretty sa-weeeet! It's good to be blessed. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

  2. wowwwww !!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. You make me want to drop everything and fly away, except I'm broke! hahaha
    :) I love living vicariously through you !