Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Bit of This And That

     The last few weeks have been busy.  I said goodbye to my school, my students and my co workers, it was really sad to say goodbye to people that you have seen for the last seven years.  I had my last prom:

Ladies, you look beautiful!

  I continue my pre-departure prep:

  •  Put my car on Leasebusters, if you are in the Montreal area and are interested in a lease takeover, check it out here.
  • Went to the bank to find out about transferring money from Abu Dhabi to  my account at the Royal Bank.  I was given a sheet with all the necessary info.  The cost will be 15$, but that does not take into account fees from the Abu Dhabi end. I was hoping to transfer money monthly, but if it is going to be too expensive I can transfer every other month.  Also if you do online banking with Royal, there is a section for you to fill out when you are travelling to let them know that you will be out of the country, so that your cards will not be flagged if you end up using them halfway around the world.
  • I got paid out from work so I set aside 1500$ to bring with me.  I am going to add to that in the next few weeks, I am hoping to go with 2000-2500$ to last me until I get my first pay check in September.  I have asked a few Facebook groups and they say that that will be more than enough.  I just don't want to have to worry about money when I am there (as I am sure that there will be plenty of other things to worry about) and I don't want to use my credit card if I don"t have to.
  • I got a set of luggage from the Bay.  They had a sale and the pieces were 65% off so I got two 70 cm pieces and a carry on in maroon.  I am hoping *crosses fingers* that all the stuff that I want to bring fits.
  • I still have to go to the eye doctor to get a prescription and new contacts.
  • Get my vaccines/shots updates at the travel clinic
  • Unlock my cellphone
  • By the router,Magic Jack Plus, adapters online, along with a VPN.  The VPN is so that when I am in the UAE my computer "appears" to still be in Canada so that not internet sites are not blocked,.  The router is so that I can use all devices (computer, cell, iPad) internet in my place and Majic Jack is so that I can call all my buddies in Canada for free from my home. I love to talk on the phone so that is a must. I am not so much of a TV person, so I am going to skip out on the Apple TV/Roku stuff.  I will still have Netflixs so I should be fine.
I am also going to Las Vegas with my Mom in about two weeks.  I am so excited because I have never been to Vegas and I am taking her for her 70th birthday, I know that we are going to have a blast. Shopping, shows, a little gambling and lots of food!  I am treating it like my last vacation before I leave.

I have also organized a going away party at the end of July. I am so happy because some of my friends who live in Toronto are going to come.  It will be great to have one last hoorah before I go.

I was also VERY happy to find out that a friend of a friend is going to be doing a internship for her MBA in Dubai!  YESSSSSSSSSSSS!  She will be there from end of August to April, so I am going to have someone that I know in Dubai, I am so thankful.

I am really going to make the most of the next few weeks and try and see as many friends as possible.  I am going to miss them so much.  I really hope that they can come and visit over the next two years.

Have a great week!

P.S. Check out Kaitlin's Blog, she is also leaving for the UAE.


  1. Love your hair in those pics, super cute. I can't wait to read more about your travel adventure. I hope you have a blast in Vegas.

  2. Oh and I forgot to tell you I'm blogging again...