Monday, July 22, 2013

A Little Over Two Weeks (Potentially...)

     Sorry that I have been MIA, things here have been so busy.  I just came back from Vegas (I had a blast) and now I "may" have a little over two weeks left in Montreal, even just typing that I cannot believe it.  I say "may" because I am still waiting on a departure date and the earliest we have been told we can leave is August 8th.  So in my head I am preparing myself for August 8th.  I am slowly packing my things, deciding what to take and what to leave (will I need a red trench coat? The answer is NO).  I am trying to pack a few of my favourite things and not leave too much behind.  Since I wear a size 16/2x, I am worried that I will not find clothes to fit me so I am taking along as many items as I can fit in my two suitcases plus carry on.  My friend made a good point; the company is paying my flight over so if I have to pay for over weight luggage so be it.
    I went to update my shots today.  All I had to get was my Hepatitis A booster.  I am a little anal about my health, I always go to the doctor and dentist like clockwork, I think it stems from having parent in the medical field.  My apartment looks like Hurrican Katrina hit it, with all the suitcases, extra toiletries and boxes everywhere.
     Saturday is my going away party, I feel a little silly having a going away party and STILL not having a departure date, but hey, no news is good news.  I am really excited I have friends that are coming in from out of town to see me and that makes me feel so special. I am also going to see Dave Chapelle on Sunday as part of Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival.  I was a huge fan of the Chapelle Show when it was on and I am excited to see him live.
     I still have no one to take over my car lease and that really is the only thing that is making me super nervous.  I hope that I find someone soon.
     I still cannot believe that I am heading halfway around the world for the second time in my life.

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