Thursday, October 29, 2015


Someone told me earlier this week that I am part of the reason they are teaching in the UAE, my blog inspired. So flattered and touched. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I'm Still Here!

Hello readers! It has been a long time, a really long time, almost two months, yikes!  My sincerest apologies, but the good news is that I am hear and I have a fresh new post for you! 

This year my teaching load has increased, I used to teach 18 hours a week and now I teach 24, the maximum according to the Abu Dhabi Education Council is 30.   I now teach three sections of grade 8 and one section of grade 7. In grade 8, we were learning about acids and bases. In one of the classes we made a homemade indicator using red cabbage. 

We tested various household substances such as lemon juice and bleach to see how the color of the red cabbage indicator changed based on acidity.

Back in September, we had a holiday for Eid and I decided to make it a staycation,  so I went to Saadiyat Beach in Abu Dhabi with a few of my neighbors.

Lovely day at the beach. 

The staycation continued with my friend's 30th birthday. She decided to have us all dress in outfits from the 1920s and go to brunch at Jebel Saray in Dubai. In case you were wondering, I made the headpiece.

We went to brunch at the Imperium restaurant on the Palm. 

1920s theme was a hit!