Sunday, June 23, 2013

7 Weeks

  There are roughly 7 weeks left until I leave Montreal for my new life in Abu Dhabi.  Slowly, the reality that I am leaving is sinking in. This week will be the last week at my school. Last week was my last prom with the students. People keep asking me if I am excited to embark on this new adventure that will take me half way around the world, I must say that I am not excited yet, because I keep thinking about all the things that I have to do; I am still looking for someone to take over my car lease, I have to go to the bank, sell a few items in my current place, pack and move.
   I am also going to Vegas for four days with my mother in July and of course I have to have a going away party.  I have joined a few groups on Facebook and I am thankfully to have individuals who are already in the UAE to answer all my questions, but it really is information overload. I feel like a high school student who felt ready for an exam, but then got to the exam and talked to other students and is overwhelmed at all the possibilities of things that can be asked on the test.  I really have to take a moment sometimes and tell myself to breath.
    Looks like I will be leaving anywhere after August 7th since that is when Ramadan ends.  The crazy thing is that I can be told up to two days before when I will be leaving. In the words of Kanye West, "That sh*t cray".    This is my current screen saver.  Isn't it beautiful? In 7 weeks my life is going to change forever.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Authenticating Documents

     The last thing that was left to do for my application was to get my degree and teaching certificate authenticated.  To do this I had to get them notarized, then I had to head to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Ottawa.
     About two weeks before I had an official transcript from my University sent to the UAE Embassy.  Since I live in Montreal, I decided to drive to Ottawa (about an hour and a half) and take care of everything else in one day.
     To have your documents authenticated at the UAE embassy the cost is 75$ per document and they only take money orders of certified cheques.  I got a money order done at the post office for 7$.
     First stop the Department of Foreign Affairs.  I took my notarized documents to them and found the building and headed inside.  Everything went so smoothly there were about 8 people ahead of me, but I only had to wait 15 minutes to be seen.  Once they stamped my papers I headed to the UAE Embassy.
    I had to be buzzed in at the Embassy and the security was similar to an airport.  My bag had to go through a security check and I had to leave my ID and cell phone with the guard.  As I walked though the metal detector, the security guard scanned my body with one of those handheld detectors.  I was then given the Ok to go in.  I gave in my papers and my money order and was told to come back at 2:30 pm (it was now 11:30 am).  I went to Red Lobster (since we don't have them any more in Montreal) and walked around the mall.  At 2:15 pm, I headed back to the Embassy and went through the same procedure and was given back my authenticated papers.  I then headed back home to Montreal.

    Simple and easy (except for the speeding ticket I got on the way home).  I scanned my documents and sent them to my recruiter.  All I have to do now is wait for my ticket and departure date.  I still cannot believe this!