Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fun Field Trip

    Yesterday, we found out that today we were going on a field trip to Hili Fun City, an amusement park in the area. The kids were so excited.

 Pictures from second row: the first crazy ride I went on today, loved it. A student bought me a rose and we took a little train around the park.

   I had a great time. I love rides and I was the only teacher (out of the bajillion schools that were there) that went on any rides, the kids loved it. My favorite was the 'salt and pepper shaker'. 

     They also had an African exhibit with a kiosk that was selling art, jewelry and home items made in Kenya.  I bought a set of coasters and a painting. What a great day! 

    Coasters--too cheesy?  I don't care I love them! 

And this painting:

P.s it is getting hot in hurrrrrr! It was 28 but felt like 35!

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