Saturday, February 14, 2015

Al Ain Food Truck Festival

    On Thursday, my friends and I headed to the Al Ain Food Truck Festival. This was a first for the UAE. The festival went to the Western Region last weekend and they were here in Al Ain this weekend and they will be in Abu Dhabi next weekend. I am so happy that I got there nice and early Thursday because, within an hour the lines became super long and when my friends got to the front of many food lines, many of the yummy items were sold out. Here is a sample of the delicious items I tasted:

Camel hump sliders. Yes, I ate camel. This was the most delicious thing that I ate at the festival. The flavour and texture reminded me of roast beef. Honestly, where else in the world am I going to eat camel? 

    The first picture is the prawns and the second is the lamp chop, nom nom nom.

Finally, I had dessert. Churros!


Since it is the 14th, happy valentine's day to everyone. Here is a truly canadian valentine. 

If you are in Abu Dhabi next weekend check it out, I think they will be on the Corniche. GET THEIR EARLY! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Hi i am thinking about applying to work there. M y motivation is to learn arabic. Is it difficult for teachers to find classes? Also, are you able to save alot?

    1. Depending where you live it isn't difficult to find Arabic classes. Some people offer private lessons out of their home( I did that for a few months) and there are also institutes that offer classes, in Al Ain the Sheik Zayed Center for cultural understanding offers free classes. In terms of saving that is up to you. My number on priority right now is paying of my debt I have paid about 15,000$ worth of debt in a year and a half. I am also paying for grads school CASH. Which is another 15,000$ if I did not have those gongs to pay for I could have saved 30,000$. So you can judge based on that.