Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Year 2 Recap

Hello lovely readers!

I know have been away for too long, but I am back and that is what really matters, right??

A huge thank you to everyone that reads the blog and emails me. I love giving advice and helping you in anyway that I can.  

I wanted to recap year two and take a look back at my second year in the UAE.


 I went to my first emirati wedding and was blown away at the gradure. I also started my Masters in Educational Technology. 


My first trip to Africa! Spent my 8 hour layover in Nairobi, Kenya and got to experience an African Safari, I saw lions, zebras and antilopes on the open plane. This was a stop on my way to Zanzibar, the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. 


My parents came to visit for two weeks, I also went to India for Christmas vacation. 


All dressed up to head out to celebrate my friends birthday. 


Attended Al Ain's first ever food truck festival, ate a camel slider and loved it. 


I travelled to the Dead Sea in Jordan for Spring Break!


Went to Ajman (another of the seven emirates) with some of my girl friends.

   Two of my friends from Canada came to visit.

As per usual a fantastic year! 


  1. Exciting year! It makes me happy that you are enjoying such a rich and wonderful life! You deserve nothing less!!