Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Trip of A Lifetime! Part 1

     Last week we had a few days off because of the Islamic holiday of Eid. I decided to take myself to somewhere I have never been, but have always wanted to go: Africa! I took myself to Zanzibar, Tamzania, an island on the west of Africa with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 
     We left Dubai at 6 am and headed to Nairobi, Kenya where we had a 8 1/2 hour layover. We paid 20$ US for a transient visa and asked the tourist desk what we could do with our time. We settled on a trip through the Nairobi National Park. My friend and I had a nice driver and an open roof 4x4 in which we explored the vast park. We saw zebras, a lion, monkeys and giraffes.

    We headed back to the airport and then we were on our way to Zanzibar. 

   We were staying at a small resort located on Jambiani beach. The resort only had 8 bungalows. Our bungalow was stunning and had 2 bathrooms and showers! 
  Now you may need to sit down for this, but the best part of this whole thing? THE BEACH! 

No filters needed, this is what the beach looked like. Heaven on Earth.

    We spent most of the trip relaxing. One day on the beach we ran into these cuties who just wanted me to pick them up and play with them.

  So precious. 

   We also ran into some boys playing football (soccer) and they asked us of we could get them a soccer ball. So we did.

     This trip was so wonderful. What would any trip be without tasting the local food. Since Zanzibar is an island they are known for their fresh seafood. 


    Seafood pizza: fish, octopus and shrimp. Yes, it is as delicious as it looks. 

More to come tomorrow! 


  1. You are my inspiration to teach in Abu Dhabi! I look forward to each new post.

  2. Looks amazing. I'm trying to make my way to Kenya.