Thursday, October 23, 2014

Watered Down

    Those of you that know me personally and/or have come over to work in the UAE after reading my blog know that the life I portray on the blog is watered down.  There is no question about that. Some people ask me why don't I talk more about 'the real UAE'. Here are a few reasons behind it:

1. You never know who reads these posts. I am sure someone from ADEC is in my newsfeed and I would like to keep my job.

2.   I would never want MY experience here in the UAE to detour or effect someone's decision to come here

   I apologize that the blog seems 'glammed up', but I just want to show all of you the positives that living and teaching in the UAE can bring.  There are a few posts that give you a glimpse of the 'real life', but once again I am a glass half full type of girl and spewing constant negativity would not help anyone.  I always appreciate when someone tells me that my blog has helped them.

Thank you for reading! 

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