Saturday, February 21, 2015

School Evaluations

   This week is a big week at school. We are having out biannual school evaluation. A third party is hired by ADEC to come to school's and evaluate the teachers, students and administration. As you can imagine tensions are running high as a it looks great if you have a successful evaluation. 
    They will be at our school all week. One of the evaluators came to my class today, everything went well and the students were extra good, participating, reading and behaving the best I have seen in a long time. I was really proud that they could pull it together. I made a joke that we should be evaluated everyday so that they can always act this well in class. 
    I am trying to get my life right as my 35 birthday approaches in a few months. I have cut out soft drinks (honestly, it was getting out of control. I think I drank more soda in the last 18 months, than in the last 18 years). I have been eating better, eating more fish and vegetables and have been hitting the gym more regularly. I started recording my weight and I am really making an effort to drop some serious pounds by the summer. Short term goal is 10% of my weight, which translates to 25 pounds (apply some grade 7 math and you know how much I weigh). 

     All I gotta say is thank God I am  5'9''. 

This weekend I'm gonna head to a party at Saadiyat Beach Club on Thursday in Abu Dhabi to decompress from this stressful week. 


  1. Hello Miss Haneefa.

    My name is Ebony and I really enjoy reading your blog. I have a web series called Global Lipstick with the focus being local lifestyle. We'll be traveling to Abu Dhabi at the end of this month and I was hoping we could sit for an interview with you. If you are interested please feel free to email me, ebony@gloabl-lipstick. Keep up the good blogging!