Monday, April 13, 2015

I Heart Jordan

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Last week we had our Spring Break here in the UAE sadly this year we only had one week as opposed to the two weeks we had last year.  Since it was also my last week of grad school this term I only went away for a few days.

I decided to go to Jordan because it is only a three hour flight from Dubai and I have heard wonderful things, I also just wanted to float in the Dead Sea. I stayed at the Movenpick Dead Sea Resort and Spa and it was absolutely amazing. The resort is located on the Dead Sea and had numerous outdoor pools and restaurant. For those that do not know, the Dead Sea is 10 times saltier than any ocean, because of this you can can float it the water soon as you lie in it. 

Here is the view from the balcony.

I enjoyed some classic Middle Eastern food here we have: fattoush salad, tabbouleh (parsley salad), baba ganoush (puréed eggplant) and hummus (puréed chick peas) in the middle are some little fried balls with meat inside, I am not sure what they are called.

I went by myself and it was lovely, it I wanted to take a nap in the middle of the day, I did. At night there was singing and belly dancing at one of the restaurants. The service was impeccable and everyone treated me so well, I am not sure if this is because I was alone or because I was female but I was constantly asked if my food/drinks were ok and if the service was up to par. At breakfast in the morning, I was given special coffees, I loved it. 


The mud from the Dead Sea is said to have properties that is good for your skin. 

Just floating in the Dead Sea. As you can see the water is crystal clear. Nevertheless, the water isn't very deep, many to my knees. 

The Earth is a beautiful place. #nofilter

This is the life.

The spa at the resort was also fabulous. I got a massage and had access to these pools, you can sit in the little semi circle seats and jets come out and massage your back. Heaven. 

I did not have a chance to visit Petra which is three hours away from the Dead Sea and I know that it is a must so I will be back next year to do that. 


  1. Awesome pics!

    Are you gonna stay on with your school another year?

  2. I have being binge reading your blog and I must say, this is one of my favorite posts. Beautiful pictures and it sounds like you had a wonderful experience.