Sunday, May 10, 2015

Twitter Q&A Was A Success!

  Last night I hosted a twitter Q&A, it was my first time doing anything like this and I was afraid that I wouldn't have anyone asking any questions.

    The event was a success, I had about three people asking various questions related to teaching in Abu Dhabi. The greatest challenge was answering in 140 characters. The chat was so successful that I think I will do it again in June and work on drawing more individuals. Look out for that. 

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If you want to read some of my answers check out #askhaneefa.

Any other ideas as to things I can do with the blog to interact with readers? What would you like to see?

Thanks again for reading! 


  1. Found your blog today, and have absolutely enjoyed reading thru. Thanks for all the info. Makes it a lot easier for a nervous ADEC-bound reader like me. Keep it up!

  2. You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal! :)