Saturday, May 2, 2015

Just Had To Share

Hello beautiful people,
    I get a few emails asking me various questions and complimenting my blog (thank you and keep them coming) but today I got an email that just touched my heart, I had to share it. All the emails I get are from individuals who are looking to move out here, I have never received an email from an Emirati. This is the email I received this morning. I was so touched I had to share:

Good morning!
First of all I wanted to tell you that you are indeed wonderful ^^
I am an emirati who is studying abroad, so I do understand the struggle to an extent. I know that the fact that I'm only a student gives me a sort of an advantage, but still living abroad is anything BUT easy!

You might wonder why I'd be reading your blog instead of someone else's who moved to the same country as I (south korea), but I guess it just makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one struggling. There's also the added bonus of hearing about the UAE rather than Korea! I really do miss my country and, in a sense, strangely, reading your blog has alleviated my homesickness somewhat. Also the fact that you are a foreigner in the country helps me sympathize with you in all sorts of things that you are facing.

I hope this helps me be more culturally aware and sensitive when i do go back home to work ^^

I guess the thing I wanted to say the most is "Thank you!" 

You are wonderful, so have yourself a wonderful day~

To the individual that sent this, thank you so much, I am so touched that my blog could settle your homesickness. I wish you all the best in South Korea. Thank you for reading! 

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