Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Twitter Chat?

Hello Again, 
   I am thinking of doing another Twitter Chat, would people be interested?  I can answer any questions people have for about an hour.  If yes, I will let you know the time and day.



  1. I'm not on Twitter but I would love to see the posts!

  2. I'm from Toronto and will be heading that way shortly. Quick question: How are you handling Canadian Income tax? Thanks

  3. I became a non-resident before I left so I would not have any tax obligations (I could do this because I do not own any property in Canada). I do not contribute to RRSPs or TFSA. My accountant said that I can wait until I return to deal with anything else. I would consult your accountant to look into your situation.

  4. Hey! Your blog has certainly inspired me over the last year! I have my final interview with ADEC soon! Do you know if this is a good company? (I've seen mixed reviews) I was wondering if you teach in a public or private school? Do females teach girls only?

    1. Hi Kandis,
      I also work for ADEC. I teach only girls (all schools are gender segregated except for Kindergarten). The reviews are mixed because EVERYTHING varies from school to school.