Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wine Down

Back in October, I went to one of my favorite events in Abu Dhabi; Wine Down. This is a wine pairing event usually held at a nice restaurant in Abu Dhabi. This time it was held at Caramel Lounge on Saadiyat island in Abu Dhabi. The cost is about 45$ and you get 5 courses paired with wines. This time the wines were from South Africa.

Delicious shrimp.

Mini shawarmas (grilled chicken inside)

Beef sliders

Delicious pudding dessert. 

I know that there will be another one held in 2016, so if you are in Abu Dhabi you should definitely attend. 

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  1. I'v read your blog from start to finish within a few days, and I must say you have me so excited about teaching in the UAE next year. **fingers crossed** I have so many questions, but I'll have to sit down and get them all together.