Sunday, January 10, 2016

Reader Questions

Hello readers!
    I have had a lot of activity in the past few days and I just want to that you all for reading. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: Haneefa underscore c at hotmail dot com. 

I got a few questions from Aamena and I thought they were very relevant. 

Differences between being at a private V/S public school (A.D.E.C), and which is better? (work hours, salary, benefits, accommodation, vacation time...)

Adec pays more, but they have less vacation time (only 2 weeks at Christmas not 3).

Adec work hours depend on what grade you teach and also if you teach boys or girls, but roughly it is 7:45 am-2 pm. Less if you teach kindergarten.

Benefits are about the same for both. Adec supplies you with accommodation, I think in some private schools they give you the money and you have to find your own. 

*3 things you wish someone had told you about living in Abu Dhabi
-it really isn't as strict as you think
-there are stores from all over the world here
-always be open to new things

*Is lunch served to teachers by the school? Or do we bring our own?
-they sell somethings but most teachers bring their lunch.

*When family/ friends visit do we need permission from our school or landlord for them to stay with us? (Rules about having male relatives/ non-related males in our apartments)
-no rules you do what you like. Just be cautious if you are 'dating' a male. 

*What is the main use of transportation? (Do most people take cabs/ rent cars?)

Depends where you live here in al ain most people have a car. But I have friends who have been here three years without a car and just use taxis.

*Biggest shock culturally for you?
-how different the school system is here.

*Advice on items and clothing to pack and leave behind?
-bring all your favorite pieces because you will wear them. Bring your heels, your short skirts, your dresses. 

*What is the dating scene like in Abu Dhabi as an expat? Do's and Don'ts?

It is ok. Many more women than men so that can be hard. 

*General Advice about teaching in Abu Dhabi

Come with an open mind. 

*Does ADEC have an age limit?

I have heard that they will not hire anyone over 58 years old.

Hope this helps! 


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  2. Thank you. I'm also a Canadian teacher thinking about making the move to the UAE for the 2016/2017 school year?

    Overall, in your opinion are the accommodations provided by the schools in good neighborhoods and what are the conditions of them?

    1. The UAE is one of the safest places in the world. All of the neighbourhoods we are put in are safe. Almost all apartments are far better than anything I could afford in a city like Montreal or Toronto.

  3. Hi, what a great blog! I am thinking of relocating my family but don't want to make any decisions too hastily. I am hoping to teach at the Canadian International School. Do you have any idea what housing is like for families? I have two young boys and a husband in tow :-)

    1. With two kids you will probably get a two bedroom apartment, the size is usually rather large, there is a possibility you can get a villa, but I think that depends on the allowance amount.

  4. I just started following your blog, and trust me, it has been VERY resourceful! I am thinking about making the move for the 16-17 year. Had my phone interview yesterday and was shortlisted for a face-to-face. I am a black male elementary teacher and I applied for a position with ADEC. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

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