Friday, March 28, 2014

Excellent Questions

One of my readers asked me these questions in Facebook and I thought they were relevant and I would love to shed light on a few of them. 

1.  What is the dating scene like?  How do you men single men? Is there an opportunity to date?

I have better chance meeting men here than I had in Montreal. I have met some really nice guys in Dubai where I find the selection of individuals a lot greater. Most of the people I meet in Abu Dhabi tend to be teachers, but when I go to Dubai I have met lawyers, business men, pilots, the possibilities are endless! 
    I have mostly meet men at the parties but I have met someone at brunch. I have been on dinners and lunches lunch dates.  But there are many 'date things' to do in the UAE such as go for walks on the Corniche (boardwalk), picnics and visiting the zoo. Since we are in the UAE you have to remember that public displays of affection are hugely frowned upon. I have seen a few people holding hands, but kissing in public is a huge no-no.

2. Are there Christian churches? How does it work since Friday is their day of rest?
There are Christian churches and they usually worship on Friday or Saturday.  Many of my friends choose to stream services from home on Sunday.

3.  What have been some of your most "fun" times?

-Color Run
-Jay Z concert
-game nights with friends 
-going to the beach

Hope that helps!