Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Visit From Canada

     Last Saturday two of my friends from Canada came to visit me. These are the first guests I have had since I have been in the UAE, very exciting. I am so excited to show my friends from home the place that I now call home.

    We went to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. One word: STUNNING! 

   On Tuesday , my friends took the bus to Al Ain where I live. I took a day off and we went to Jebel Haffet, one of the highest mountains in the UAE.

     We then headed to the Al AIn Oasis; an extremely impressive oasis filled with palm plantations.

      Today we are headed to Oman! Fun times! 


  1. I have my second interview in a few weeks! Goodness, you make Abu Dhabi sound so inviting! I'm really excited! I hope to arrive in August.