Friday, March 28, 2014

Staycation In Full Effect

   Today I drove out to Abu Dhabi to see my friend for the weekend.  You may recognise her from our December travels. She lives in a gorgeous high rise and has a pool (I am not jealous, no, no, not at all. We spent the afternoon at the pool and then had dinner at Red Lobster (yes they have Red Lobster in the UAE! Gotta have the biscuits!) 

Putting the braids back in on Sunday. For now the fro is free.#teamnatural

I  am so jealous that she has a pool in her building (she is also with ADEC, she teaches grade 3) but I am thankful that I am her good friend so I can go over whenever I feel like it! 
    Tomorrow we head to the beach and then to Ladies Night at one of my favorite restaurants Cho Gao! 

P.S Laughed out loud when I heard 'shake it like a salt shaker' in one of the stores at the mall today. 

P.P.S One of my friend's saw Saccha Baron Cohen in Greece today on his Spring Break!  

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