Monday, March 17, 2014

Friday Brunch

  Friday Brunches are VERY popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Since my friends were still here we decided to check out 'Bubblelicious' at the Westin in Dubai.

I bought this romper at Forever21 in Dubai. I have always wanted a romper and jumped at this one when I tried it and it fit.  Nevertheless, I was still a little iffy about it. You know when you buy something alone and you are not sure if it is cute or ugly? Well that is how I felt about this. After wearing it for the day it appears that I made the right choice because I got plenty of compliments on my retro romper.

The brunch was a food lovers dream:

Delicious cupcakes.

Sushi and sashimi on a Japanese converter belt!

A seafood lover's dream.

Anything you could dream of they had: dim sum, Indian, Thai, BBQ, fish and chips, cheeses, pasta... The list is never ending!
All this to say if you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi check out a Friday brunch. You will not be disappointed. 
I never get tired of the Dubai skylines.

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