Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Annoying Questions

     Yesterday I went to the car dealer to try and get some help sorting out my lease takeover. The guy who is helping me had so many year questions about my move to Abh Dhabi. I don't mind answering questions at all, nevertheless the question I hate the most is, "is it safe? Are there terrorists?"  Would I be going to a country that wasn't safe?  Would I put my life in danger? I am going to the United Arab Emirites not Yemen.  Just because there are issues in some parts of the Middle East it does not mean every country is dangerous.  The UAE closed its US embassies last week as a precaution (note I am Canadian and the Canadian embassies remained open).  I am not scared and I am confident in my decision to move.  As we all know terrorist attacks can happen in our own backyard.

    In departure news, someone in one of the groups got a ticket today for next week. Hope is alive again.

I keep praying for good news.


  1. Your ticket is comoing. I can't wait until you get it. I might jump and down with you. LOL

    People don't know any they tend to ask silly questions.

  2. Is the US embassy reopened or still closed?
    My mother-in-law is one if the annoying people who thinks it is not safe over there.

    1. Opened! It only closed for a few days back in July or August.