Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Packing Is A B!@#h

     Packing is a pain the ass.  There is no way to sugar coat this.  It is all fun and games when you are going away for a week or two, but when you are moving around the world, nothing is more difficult than deciding what to bring and what to leave.  Especially when you are going to a country like the United Arab Emirates and there is a dress code. My wardrobe doesn't consist of too many shorts/short skirts/dresses, but on the other hand I do not have a plethora of long sleeved tops that aren't winterish.  My love sleeved shorts are meant for a Montreal winter, not an Emeriti desert.  Also I am about a size 16/1x so I am not sure what the clothing selection is going to look like.

     First of all I am bringing an extra bag no questions asked, I will pay extra for it.  I packed all my bags today and they all weighed 50 pounds.  Sounds great right!?  Well the problem is that I have not put in my jewellery  make-up and bathroom/shower stuff.  I need at least 10 pounds somewhere.  I started by going through my luggage again and taking everything out and eliminating what I thought was half of the stuff (funny how some EXTRA stuff seemed to "jump" back in my suitcase) When all that was said and done I had only removed 3 pounds. WHAT!!!  So here I am trying it with the other suitcase (I managed to get it down by 8 pounds, wooohooo).  I just want to take everything.  I feel like I am playing Survivor with my clothes, "you are voted out of the suitcase".  I must admit that there are some items that have "immunity"; my shoes.  I wear size 10 and need them.  Hopefully, when it is time to put the rest of the items the damage will not be too bad.  One of my friends is taking about coming to visit in November, maybe she can bring the items that I have to leave behind.  Well I better get back to it.

    I am excited someone is interested in taking over my car lease, I am going to meet him tomorrow.  Keep your figures crossed!  The last dude was a no show.

Have a great night!

P.S.  Still waiting on my departure date...

Oh, Nubian if you are reading this I didn't get your email can you send it to haneefa [underscore]c at hotmail dot com, would love to get in touch with you!

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