Thursday, August 8, 2013

It Really Is A Small World

On Tuesday I was at the mall waiting for a friend.  A black lady and her daughter walked by me and smiled.  She spoke French and asked if she could sit next to me. I told her no problem and she started asking me about my hair; where I got it done and how much I paid.  She told me that she usually wears wings because she lives in Dubai.  WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!  I was floored.  I told her that I was moving to Abu Dhabi in two weeks (hopefully).  She told me that she owned a store, gave me her card and told me to contact her when I was planning to go to Dubai and she would show me around.  Her name is Alma and she has been living in Dubai for 17 years, she is originally from Niger in Africa (hence the French)  I asked if she had family in Montreal, she didn't she was just on vacation.  What are the chances of me running into someone so randomly from the UAE!?

     I am still "patiently" waiting for info on my e-ticket.  I am hoping that it comes in the next week.  My birthday is on Monday (Christ year--33 baby!) and that would be the best birthday present ever.  In the mean time I am trying to see all of my friends before I go and pretty much just enjoy the rest of the summer.

    I am thankful for all the Facebook groups that I am part of because I know that I am in the same boat as so many people.  It seems as though most Canadians do not have their info yet, so that makes me feel better.
   I am still trying to find someone to take over my lease, the guy that was suppose to meet me today didn't show up.  So it looks like I am back to the drawing board.

Packing is a b*&^h and I do not know how I am going to fit everything I want to bring into three suitcases.  I need a packing whisperer. 

 Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! What an "angel confirmation" for your journey! I had a few of those as I was going through the interviewing process. Three very close co-workers had chance encounters with people either over there and are in the states visiting or a friend of the family was going or knew someone going. They shared it with me and it just confirmed I was on the right track. I call them "angel confirmations" because they are so random and out of the ordinary. Patiently waiting e-ticket as Aug. 9th. By the way Happy "Early" Birthday! Enjoy!