Sunday, August 25, 2013

No News Is Not Always Good News

     I couldn't take it anymore, I called my travel agent in Abu Dhabi this morning to ask about my visa status and see if talking to him in person (as opposed to email) would shed any light on my situation.  Aftab was really nice and he really tried his best.  I asked if there was any possibility of me still travelling on Tuesday.  He said that if he gets the visa tomorrow and it is ok, there is still a chance I could travel on Tuesday.  I then asked If I do not get the visa tomorrow, will I travel later in the week or do I automatically get put in group 3 which leaves in mid-September. He didn't really answer that question, he just repeated that he will let me know as soon as he knows anything. 


   Tomorrow is moving day. I am moving the rest of my stuff back to my parents house.I feel so nervous about everything, but I am really trying to take each day hour at a time.

Thank you for all your kind words and support it is much appreciated.

P.s. Teachers in Abu Dhabi got their placements today! Shout out to my girl Noragolden who placed in Abu Dhabi city, woot woot! 

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