Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Wait Continues

Hello World!
    Friday I got an email from TeachAnywhere that contained the following information:

For teachers who are still waiting (that's me) - DON'T PANIC
I understand this is a very frustrating time but be assured we are doing everything we can to chase for updates.  There are still a number of teachers awaiting their flight details so rest assured you have not been forgotten!  If I had a magic wand or limitless credit card I would book all of these flights myself!!  There will be more flights issued from Sunday onwards.  Remember to check your own email and that of your emergency contact as it has happened that some of the flights have been sent to the emergency contact.  You will receive a flight itinerary along with your entry permit.  Please confirm that everything is correct on your permit and itinerary and the travel agent will then go ahead and book your flight.  If your spouse is missing from your booking reply directly to (and copy me in) the travel agent and send through a clear colour copy of their passport and they will amend the booking.  Remember that you are conversing with people who may not have English as their first language so please keep it simple and to a minimum. 
This made me feel better.
Today, one of the member's of one of my FB group said that Nirvana (the travel company issuing our tickets) will need two days to work on the tickets, so I am not going anywhere until the end of the week.

At this point I am just taking each day at a time. It is getting to the pointe that I get angry when someone asks me when I am leaving. Trust when I know you will know. I get asked at least three times a day. 

Going to see The Burler soon, a good way to keep my mind of things.   Tomorrow I am dealing with my car and Tuesday I am going to have lunch with some ex students that I hold very dear to my heart. 
In the mean time, I am packing up the apartment.

Got someone MAC gift cards for my birthday and went on a mini spree (hey, more that 2 items from MAC is a spree in my books). Got some great times! Thank you friends!!
Hopefully, tomorrow I will have good news.


  1. Do you know if anyone never gets their ticket?

  2. Nope, some people who were suppose to come in August, didn't come until October, but as far as I know everyone who was suppose to get a ticket got one.