Thursday, August 22, 2013

Renewed Hope

     Hello Blogger Fam, I hope that all is well on your side of the screen.  Last night I was lying in bed and started to think; what the hell am I doing?  I am picking up my life to move somewhere and I have no clue when I am going?  I have no ticket and no clue when this ticket is going to appear, have I made mistake?  Am I making the right decision? Am I crazy?

    This morning I woke up and I felt a bit better.  Once again some members of one of my FB groups (funny how these strangers have become fast friends and confidants) received their departure info.  With that, we are off again, waiting for departure ticket info.  This is the message that was received:

Dear ADEC Candidates,
I hope you are all excited about your upcoming departure! ADEC has provided us with some further information about travel:

1. Group Two
Itineraries and visas will be issued from now until August 25 for departure August 28-30.
Orientation will take place Sep 1-5.
We have been given a list of group 2 and will be contacting everyone on the list today and tomorrow.

2. Group Three

Itineraries and visas will be sent out September 4-12 for travel September 18-21.
Orientation will take place Sep 22-26.

Hopefully I will hear good news Sunday, if not that means September.

I am trying to use my time wisely, spending time with friends, seeing movies and hanging with my parents.

I guess I cannot complain, I am moving out of my place August 30 (I had extended the lease just in case) and I will go back and live with my parents until I leave. I am lucky that I have a place to stay. I am also lucky that I can collect unemployment insurance until I leave (because I was layed off from my last teaching job) so I am not completely broke.

The teachers that have arrived in Abu Dhabi have posted pictures and they look beautiful; the hotel, the pool, the mall and the sun.  I saw so many teachers in long skirts that I got nervous and went to the mall to look for a few.  Since fall is coming, all the clothes in the stores now are for fall and the summer selection is slim to none.  I went to one store and they had no sizes so I did what any girl would do and I went to their online store and yup they had not one, but three long skirts in different colours.  With shipping I paid 60$ for the 3 skirts, they are suppose to come next week, I just hope that they come before I leave.  If not I will ask my mom to mail them to the hotel.

Another perk of not working is that you can do favours for friends, like watch their sick kids while they are at work. I have no children of my own, but love to help my friends out and watch their kids when they need.  One day hopefully I will be blessed with my own and I will already be a pro.

Tomorrow is a new day (that seems to be the theme lately)  and I am hoping to hear some good news.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. You'll be here soon. Please don't worry about long skirts, people really don't dress like that. Jeans are more than fine.